About TFORevive

TFORevive is a game revival project for Titanfall Online — the goal of which is to produce a mod that will preserve and extend the classic Titanfall 1 experience with new content.

In other words, we're trying to bring Titanfall Online back to a functional state from the remnants of Nexon's work on the game up until its cancellation.

Titanfall Online has a few key changes compared to Titanfall 1, namely the addition of a new titan chassis, a handful of weapons and some new maps.

The intention of this project is to maintain and extend the Titanfall 1 experience for players while embracing the new content added by Nexon.

TFORevive is based on Titanfall Online v4275.17973 (2018-05-11).


  • p0358
  • Barnaby
  • dogecore
  • Octo
  • And more...

TFORevive will be Open Source

Source Code